New! The Complete Eco Friendly Kitchen Bundle.

New! The Complete Eco Friendly Kitchen Bundle.

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Introducing Our Complete Eco Friendly Kitchen Bundle designed to meet your daily need without affecting your health, producing Microplastic or damaging the planet. 

What Do you need to know: 

This Bundle will cover your needs for 90 days and it includes these 10 items: 

  • Snack Size Compostable Zip bags - 2 boxes ( 100 bags) 
  • Sandwich Size Compostable Zip bags (50 bags) 
  • Quart Size Compostable Zip Bags - 2 boxes (100 bags) 
  • Gallon Size Compostable Zip bags (30 bags) FREE FOREVER  with subscription
  • Compostable Cling wrap - 2 boxes 
  • Compostable Kitchen Sponges (total of 10) 
  • Compostable 13 Gallon Trash bags - 2 boxes (80 bags) 
  • Compostable 3 gallon trash/compost bags (100 bags) 

The cost of these items if purchased individually is $144  however when you subscribe and save every 3 months the price is only $99. 

Risk Free: 30 days Money Back Guarantee on all orders, we will even cover the cost of shipping back to us. Cancel any time. 

FREE FOREVER: Gallon Size Zip bags ($12.99 value) as long as the subscription remains active. 

You can have all you need for Eco conscious Kitchen for around $1/day ($1.08 to be exact!) delivered to you free.

if you can't compost, please take advantage of our Composting program when you can return clean used bags and we will compost them here in a composting Facility Here (we cover the cost for our subscribers). 

Here is some info about each product in the bundle: 

  • Zip Bags (Snack, Sandwich, Quart & Gallon): Whether you're storing in the freezer, fridge, or pantry, these bags deliver! Made from plants and free from BPA, Phthalates, and PVC, you can trust that no harmful chemicals will leach into your food or non-food items. Different sizes are available to meet your family's needs, and the bags are reusable, saving you money in the long run. Plus, they're made from corn starch and can be composted without damaging the environment or your health. It's a win-win situation - you get a healthier option, help the planet, and save money!  in this bundle each bag of snack/sandwich/quart size costs only 13.1 cents, and each gallon bag is 0 cents! (cant beat that!)  Depending on usage, one box can last 1-2 months
  • Compostable Cling wrap: Keep your food fresh with this plant based cling wrap. Also BPA, PVC and Phthalates free! Its easy as 1,2,3! Use, Store, Compost! You can compost them at home or send the used one to us to get them composted. 
  • Compostable Kitchen Sponges: Ditch your plastic sponges and replace them with these ones made from cellulose without sacrificing quality. Save on storage space since they are compact.  No chemicals or microplastics contaminating your food or irritating your skin. You can use them in the kitchen or for cleaning anywhere else, the 5 different colors of the sponges will help you stay organized (yellow for dishes, green for countertops etc). Great for cleaning surfaces, non-stick pans, or a quick clean up that spills! (Not ideal if heavy scrubbing is required.) in this bundle the cost is 69 cents per sponge! 
  • Compostable Kitchen garbage bags (13 Gallon and 3 gallon): You can use them just as any regular trash bag! When it's getting full just tie it from the top and dispose of it. Use them indoor or outdoor. You can use the 3 gallon compost bags to collect compost or for any smaller trash container. Star seal bottom reinforces the bag, so that it is not going to break apart on you. However, if you leave organic waste in these bags for a while it will start the decomposing process, so please don’t leave organic waste in there for more than 2-3 days, before disposing in the proper receptacle. Cost in this bundle: Each 13 Gallon bag is 29 cents. Each 3 gallon bag is 11 cents. 


  • Zip Bags - Snack, Sandwich, Quart and Gallon: certified by BPI and AS5810 (for home composting) 
  • Cling wrap: BPI certificate is pending. our manufacturer is certified by BPI and AS5810 as well as DIN. 
  • 3 gallon Compost bags: certified by BPI and AS5810 
  • 13 gallons Trash bags are certified by BPI. 

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