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Compostable Zip Bags

Yes, our compostable ziplock bags are designed to match the durability of traditional plastic bags while being environmentally friendly.

 Our bags are made from biobased materials that are fully compostable, cornstarch is the primary ingredient

These bags typically compost within 90-180 days in a commercial composting facility, or in about the same time in your garden compost, depending on temperature!

Absolutely! Our bags are freezer-safe and an excellent choice for food storage.

Yes, our compostable ziplock bags meet all the necessary standards and are certified compostable by BPI. Certification #10529728.

Unfortunately these do not compost unless in composting conditions. If you do not have an area or composting facility nearby,  we offer return composting services to our subscribing members!

check Composting Program

These bags should not be used in the microwave.

We don't recommend adding our bags to a food recycler. They do need actual composting conditions to break down. if you are unable to compost at home check our Composting Program

Compostable Cling Wrap

Our clingwrap is made from bio-based materials that are fully compostable. The primary ingredient is cornstarch.

Yes, it is designed to have similar sticking properties to traditional plastic clingwrap, ensuring your food stays fresh. Pull a little bit to  stretch tight for best seal.

No, please do not microwave it!