Eco Friendly, Collapsible Reusable Silicon Cup

Eco Friendly, Collapsible Reusable Silicon Cup

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What do you need to know? 

Did you know that styrofoam cups are loaded with chemicals that leach in your morning coffee? Probably coffee doesn’t taste so good now! It also takes 500 years for that styrofoam to decompose, contributing to the microplastics crisis damaging your health and the environment. Instead, try our reusable silicone cups. Silicone is considered safe with no evidence that it harms human health. One cup will help you avoid using 100s or 1000s of styrofoam cups, (Mine saves me roughly 638 cups per year!) you will help your health and the planet! You can store them in your purse, your drawer at work, your car, or even your pocket (scrub pockets work great)! So you can use them at work, on a hike, when you travel, essentially anywhere! They are very compact. Want hot liquid? Cold liquid? No problem, they can take a wide range of temperatures. Are you a big coffee drinker? These cups can take up to 18 oz, though we recommend 10-16 oz at a time, which is a good start for any coffee powered mom! Don’t worry about leaks with the leak resistant lid (though please don’t hold completely upside down to test!). After you’re done with your drink just rinse with soap and water and let them dry. They are dishwasher safe however this may remove the ink in some cases, so we don’t recommend this. The lid is made from plastic as there is no other option however when you think how many disposable cups you will avoid using it is worth it. They will last very long and they are affordable. A perfect gift you can give to a friend or family and pick your (or their favorite) vibrant  color from teal to navy to mauve! Give them a try, we do have a 30 days money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose! Thank you for considering a better option for you and the planet.

More info: 

Introducing our reusable silicone cup – the ultimate eco-friendly solution for enjoying your favorite hot and cold beverages on-the-go!

This unique product was made from high-quality, food-grade silicone. Discover our reusable cups to lower your carbon footprint with panache.

Our collapsible cup blends style and substance. It is perfect for environmentally conscious customers who want to reduce waste while experiencing convenience and style. And like all Purple Plumeria products, it is committed to sustainable lifestyles.

Check out the key features and benefits of our reusable silicone cup:


The reusable silicone cup is made from durable, food-grade silicone. It is BPA-free, non-toxic, and tasteless, ensuring a safe and enjoyable drinking experience.

Bring your silicone travel cup where you roam. This collapsible design allows you to easily fold and store the cup in your bag or pocket. This makes it perfect for travel, camping, hiking, or daily use at work or school.

Our collapsible silicone cup is versatile. It is suitable for both hot and cold drinks, with a temperature resistance range of -40°F to 392°F (-40°C to 200°C).

Appropriate for everyone. The silicone collapsible cup comes with a leak-resistant lid, so you can use it yourself or share it with your child.

The cup is designed for protection. It is reinforced at top and bottom providing extra protection and comfort while handling hot beverages.

With a capacity of 18 oz (550 ml), our reusable silicone cup is the ideal size for your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or refreshing smoothie. Though we do recommend 12-16 oz for hot liquids.

It is travel ready. Simply pop your silicone travel cup into your car’s cup holder. The leak-proof lid will keep your beverage where it belongs.

Easy to clean. Simply hand wash your silicone collapsible cup and air dry before use.

Our collapsible silicone cup is low-maintenance and designed for repeated use. Save money and reduce disposable cup waste.

The reusable silicone cup is available in various vibrant colors. Express your personal style while promoting sustainability.

Even your morning beverage can contribute to a lower carbon footprint. By choosing our reusable silicone cup, you're not only making a practical and stylish choice. You’re also contributing to a cleaner environment by reducing single-use plastic waste.

Experience the convenience, style, and eco-friendly benefits of our reusable cups today. Make the switch and join the movement towards a more sustainable future!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews

    Excellent product. When collapsed, it's really small and can be stored without notice. When opened, there's surprisingly a large volume of space. So far this is my coffee cup for work , but I can see myself using it for all kinds of drinks and even food. Would prefer this to glass tupperware because it's so much lighter and smaller once I'm done with it. Dishwasher safe!


    I got the mauve one. very cute color and really smart design. Ive been using it now for couple of weeks and Im enjoying it!


    I've been using it instead of paper or styrofoam cups. the nice thing is that it is compact and easy to take places. cute product!!

    K J S

    really like it. learned to hold cup at top with hard supportive band, at first had difficulty unfolding it, but I think it was because of newness . better since I use it more. perfect for traveling, not taking up much room in luggage or tote. Even though it seems large , you don't need to fill it up the entire way. work nice for coffee and cold drinks. Look forward to using it on my next trip.


    It works really well. Im using it mostly for coffee. the lid fits on tight and the plastic band keeps your hand from getting hot. it's also light weight and easy to carry. I might buy another