How Can Biodegradable Products Help the Environment?

Imagine the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Picture all that trash floating, spoiling the roaring waves of the Pacific Ocean. What are you picturing the patch is largely made of? If you said plastics and microplastics, you’re right.

There are countless reasons to reduce the amount of non-biodegradable material you use. But helping prevent natural disasters like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch should be at the top of that list.

The great news is biodegradable products can do wonders in lowering your waste footprint. And with recent developments, the products have gotten better, more reliable, and more diverse. If you’re wondering how can biodegradable products help the environment, you’re looking at the right article.


How Do Eco Friendly Products Help the Environment?

The benefits are many. And the need for sustainable products is higher than ever. Here are just a few answers to the question of how do sustainable products help the environment:

Lower Landfill Usage

Every time you take a plastic bag from the grocery store or single-use plastic utensils from the takeout place, take heed. You are risking those items ending up in a landfill. Even with the most aggressive recycling habits, there is still always a chance that the item slips through the system’s cracks. The end result: it further clogs our overstuffed landfills.

Each common item may be something many of us rely on daily. However, none of those any longer need to be made from polymers, plastics, or, perish the thought, styrofoam.

Reduce Pollution

According to the Center for American Progress, the entire process of producing bioplastics is inherently less involved than fabricating traditional plastics. Why? It’s because bioplastics use renewable biomass, while man-made plastic is often crafted from new materials.

A less involved fabrication process means fewer fossil fuels burned. And this, in turn, means fewer greenhouse gas emissions and fewer harmful chemicals put into the atmosphere. Win, win, win.

Bolster Plant Based Composting Efforts

With recent scientific developments, biodegradable plastic products can actually be fully composted. As reported by UC Berkeley, polymer-eating enzymes in a biodegradable plastic product help aid decomposition. The end result is a simple puddle of lactic acid. And as a bonus fun fact, this material can actually help sustain the biome in composting soil!

So go ahead and worry not as you compost those biodegradable bags. It turns out, compostability is just one of many reasons how biodegradable products help the environment.


Discover a Whole New World of Sustainability

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