Are Our Compostable Bags Really Compostable? Yes!

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard about the 1,250 garbage-filled landfills throughout the United States. This is where 37% of all consumer waste goes to die. That includes approximately 100 billion plastic bags, which can take up to 1,000 years to disintegrate. That plastic is entering our oceans, affecting humans and animals alike.

A compostable bag has the power to make life more sustainable for busy families. Are all compostable bags really compostable? The answer is more complicated than you may think.

Keep reading to learn what makes biodegradable bags unique, and why they’re more eco-friendly than traditional plastics.

What Makes a Bag Compostable?

The phrase “compostable plastic bags” is an oxymoron. According to the Biodegradable Products Institute, to consider a product compostable, it must meet the following criteria:

  • It must break down into organic material
  • It must offer some nutrients or benefit to the environment
  • It must be non-toxic
  • It must break down at the same rate as organic products

Compostable kitchen bags that contain even trace amounts of plastic cannot meet those guidelines. When choosing products, read the specifications carefully. BPI-certified compostable bags from Purple Plumeria check every box, but many similar products do not.

For example, you can only compost most bags at commercial composting facilities, where processes often yield microplastic residue. This plastic waste enters our oceans, impacts our beaches, and affects our diets as humans. It seems to defeat the purpose of choosing compostable products in the first place!

Genuinely compostable products are easy to compost at home without harmful residue or additional steps. That’s why the small compostable bags from Purple Plumeria are always 100% plastic free.

Why Choose Compostable Bags?

We love glass, as it’s one of the most sustainable substances on earth. Did you know that you can recycle glass an infinite number of times without losing quality?

The issue is that you must wash glass, which is time-consuming, especially if you’re chasing after kids! Furthermore, glass can break easily, leading to accidents and injuries.

What about at school? Small children may be unable to open jars on their own when it comes to packed lunches. They can also be heavy and cumbersome.

One of the top reasons to choose compostable bags is because they’re more family-friendly than glass. They are compact, lightweight, easy to open, and keep food fresh. You can reuse them several times before you place them in your home compost bin. There is no soaking, washing, or scrubbing required.

Busy families should not have to sacrifice quality time or safety to live green and sustainable lifestyles. Compostable bags are an affordable, ethical compromise. Composting at home is also a fun, hands-on way to teach children about helping the environment.

Keep Plastic Out of Our Oceans With Compostable Bags

It is never too late to make a sustainable change. When you invest in compostable products like Purple Plumeria sandwich bags, you’re investing in the future of our planet. Your children will inherit the Earth either way. Why not leave them something beautiful?

Our reusable bags ship free, and you can always buy three to get an additional bag for free. Browse our catalog and see how we make sustainable living simple.