4 Reasons Why Eco Friendly Resealable Bags Are Better Than Plastic

Eco friendly bags are all the rage these days. But did you know they can do more than simply carry your compost?

Better eco bag formulation has created eco friendly resealable bags that rival the traditional zip bags we all know. Here are just a few reasons why eco friendly resealable bags should be your next pantry must-have:


1. They Are Perfect For Your Brought-from-Home Lunch

For many busy folks, dining out for lunch is just too time-intensive (not to mention costly). Whether at school or the office, many of us prefer the rapid ease of what is traditionally called a brown bag lunch.

But when bagging that sandwich before your morning commute, consider the toll it can take on the environment. When made with single-use plastic, your sandwich bag will be useful for about four hours. But it will stay in a landfill for about 10-20 years.

On the inverse, eco friendly sandwich bags provide the same protection for your lunch, but without the landfill time. Many bioplastics break down in just three to six months! So use those eco friendly sandwich bags without worry.


2. They Work Just Like Traditional Plastic Zip Bags

Like the name implies, eco friendly zip lock bags can handle all of the opening and closing of those traditional plastic zip bags. They are made with a similar closing mechanism to keep air out. And much like traditional plastic, they are formulated to be tough. They just don’t carry all of that, you know, carbon footprint shame.


3. They Don’t Contain PFAS

Forever chemicals, commonly referred to as Per- and Polyfluorinated Substances (PFAS), can be found in all kinds of traditional packaging. And this may include the traditional plastic bags in your kitchen. But eco friendly zip bags made from compostable bioplastic don’t contain PFAS, so you can use them without worry!


4. They Can Be Used Again and Again

Environmentally friendly sandwich bags are designed to be used like everyday bags. After use, they then rapidly break down when put into composting conditions. This is due to an enzyme used in their formulation, which activates and breaks down the plastic when exposed to moisture.

But if you keep your eco friendly bags dry, they can be used again and again, just like traditional plastic bags. For housewares, you can’t get much closer to all three eco tenets (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) than you can with eco bags.


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